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Pain Free. Effective. Affordable.

Inside a Dental Office Unlike Any Other

Aspen Dental Group offers families in Greater Lafayette, Indiana, the most relaxed dental experience for reasons that go beyond the chair.

Sure, we’re proud to offer high-quality, pain-free, effective dentistry at a very reasonable cost. But the Aspen difference involves more than that.

Putting the “Den” in Dentist

No lab coats and white walls here. Instead, you’ll find a plush, rec-room style lobby and décor, an open interior design, and a down-to-earth staff that all make you feel at home. Heck, the exam chairs even offer a massage mode.

We’re Doctors, Not Salesmen

Here you get a refreshing style of unassuming “truth” dentistry that doesn’t involve trying to “sell” you dental work you don’t need. We’re here to take care of your teeth. Period.

More Services, Less Shuffleboard

When you come to like your dentist, you don’t want to be referred out to someone else for special services. Aspen’s comprehensive capabilities, including cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics and oral surgery, mean you can get most anything you need done right here.

Patient Information

Accepting New Patients

Make your first visit easier—bring these completed forms.

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Existing Patient Update Form

Payment Options

We offer flexible payments
that meet your budget
with CareCredit.